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-anal technology. >> this was invented by nasa as part of their space station. so what it does is it actually purifies the air using photo catalytic oxidation technology. >> it's using light. >> yes. >> it's blown anything alive in the air. >> basically it will destroy mould, yeast, anything that can be damaged to barrels and so forth. >> some of the most innovative technology is being used not just to make wine, but to study wine. this is home it the world's system. >> rather than make great wine, we are doing great experiments. >> professor has been doing experiments for years. it's taking the sugar content, turning it into ethan ol. how is it an advance in technology that was available before the system was developed. >> no commercial fermentors are running density. >> commercial fermentors are not able to measure sugar in real-time. >> typically no. >> what can you tell me about the impact these technologies will have on wine making. >> all of those things are aimed at providing more information which then leads to better interpretation, which leads to better decision making. 2009. >> is
buried this weekend. jim houli has more >> reporter: scott carpenter was one of nasa's elite chosen in 1959 as one. original mercury astroknouts. in the space race against the soph youths. >> they were the first rock stars. >> it was the cold war, the american program was struggling. carpenter and his colleagues were determined to win. >> it was a special time in u.s. history. obviously, you know, very proud of dad for being selected. >> candy carpenter was just 5 when her father climbed into his capsule and soared into space. the time is etched in her memory. >> i remember a lot of press, cameras wherever we went and dad just always handled it with great humility. >> carpenter was at the nasa microphone in february of 1962 and gave this send-off to his friend, john glenl on his first oritial flight. >> god speed. >> the naval i have a 80or would be next. >> scott carpenter became the epitome of the hometown hero. he named his capsule the aurora 7. this bolder elementary school bear his name. >> scott carpentered used his scientific knowledge and experience nap different way as well
arrested and charged with hacking into the computer systems of several federal agencies including nasa and the epa. 28-year-old lori love was arrested at his home northeast of london. he was indicted in new jersey where he allegedly used a server to carry out the attacks. and love also faces attacks in virginia, and it costs americans millions of dollars. >> penn state university has reached an settlement with many victims of former coach jerry sandusky. it will pay nearly $60 million to over a dozen people. sandusky was convicted last year and is currently serving a sentence. >> reporter: it's a big settlement and these agreements have been reached one by one and now the university said nearly all of sandusky victims will now be compensated. >> reporter: it marks the end of a troubling period for penn state. nearly $60 million to be i submitted among 26 young men sexually assaulted by the former assistant football coach. in a statement the university president said we hope this is a step forward in the healing process. we cannot undo what has been done but we need to learn from this a
. >>> hacking into several u.s. earmt and nasa computer systems, 28-year-old lori move was charged with stealing information from government employees. they said they did the hacking to interrupt federal government operations. he's now free on bail until february. he's suspected of having co-conspirators in australia and sweden but no one last been charged yet. >>> hacking scandal that brought down britain's news of the world newspaper in 2011. eight people including the former editors are on trial. 144 people have settled hacking claim with the paper's owner, rupert murdock. those who have received damages include actor hugh grant, actor christopher eckelston and sarah ferguson, prince andrew's former wife. >>> storms that hit u.k. southeast meant not everyone could be prompt, proceedings got underway three hours late. no matter, this is likely to be the u.k.'s longest trials in years. the phone hacking are scandal sent shock waives through the administration. colson worked as hes director of communications. revelations that the phones of celebrities politicians and crime victims had been hacke
.s. army and nasa computers and stealing employee information. he was arrested friday in london, but he's free on bail until february. right now no one else has been charged. those are the headlines at this hour. i'm john seigenthaler. "america tonight" is up next on al jazeera. i'll be back here at 11:00 eastern and 8:00 out west. get the latest news on we'll sue back here later. >>> on "america tonight," we begin our in-death look at sex crimes on campus with a startling revelation about the attackers and just how frequently women students become victims. >> these serial offenders had on average 14 victims. >>> also tonight, remembering sandy. a superstorm that washed away the innocence of the jersey shore. >> my dad was looking out the window at the firemen. >>> they're bringing on the moves, the heat and the age of a timeless art. >>> geed evening. i'm joie chen. thanks for being with us. tonight we begin our week-long focus on sexual assault on campus and the impact on victims. what we found in weeks of reports at a variety of college campuses is the repeated belief
. and they handled it with great humility. >> carpenter was at the nasa microphone, and gave this send off to john glenn on this historical flight. >> god speed, john glenn. the navy aviator would be next. >> it represented a bold time for america, and scoti carpenter was the epitome of the home-town hero. he named his capsule "aurora 7" after the street where he grew up. scoti carpenter used his scientific knowledge in a different way, conducting research at the bottom of the ocean. scoti carpenter spent 28 days living at the bottom of the pacific in an underwater colony called sea lab. >> it was 300m off the coast of california, below the surface. it was to test how long human being could live below the surface. >> he's the only person who is a certified astronaut and aqua indecent assault. >> as friends and family say goodbye scoti carpenter will find his final resting place on earth. >> what a magnificent long life, a life of adventure, inquiry. he'll be greatly missed. more importantly he'll be greatly valued for decades to come. scoti carpenter was 88 years old. >> and still ahead - germany
agencies including nasa and the u.s. army. 28-year-old lovie love was arrested last friday at his home northeast of london he was invited in new jersey where he used a serve tore carry out the attacks. love also faces charges related to attacks in virginia it cost the government millions of dollars. >> jersey hayes begun in to the hacking scandal that brought down the news of the world in 2011. eight people, including two of the papers former editors are now on trial. rory has more now from london. >> reporter: the defendants arrived on time for their trial but the storms that hit the u.k. southeast overnight meant that not everyone could be so prompt. proceedings got underway maybe three hours late. no matter, this is likely to be one of the u.k.s longest trials in years. the phone hacking sandal sent shock waves through the british establishments. both rebecca books and andy are friends of the prime minister david cameron, andy worked as the director of communications. revelations that celebrities and crime victims had been hacked by the news of the world brought rupert murdoch's new
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)